Transforming Capitalism Lab – Join now!

Dear Ralf,
We’re delighted to announce the launch of the Presencing Institute’s Transforming Capitalism Lab.
For the next 18 months, we’ll host monthly live sessions, share some of the most inspiring stories from around the world, and equip you with methods and tools that will help you turn your own emerging ideas into action.
Be sure to also mark your calendars for the first live session, coming up on April 12th from 10am-11am EDT – with special guest Kate Raworth, known for her work on „doughnut economics“, and Lorenzo Fioramonti, known for his work on Wellbeing Economies.
As an optional bonus offering: if you are able to stay on for an additional 45 minutes, you will have the opportunity to join video-based small group dialogues with other participants.
Very Best,
The Transforming Capitalism Team
Presencing Institute, Phone: + 1 617 395-8243, 1770 Mass. Ave., #221, Cambridge, MA 02140