Making macOS versions more usable

Wie man Mac OS besser nutzbar machen kann. Das gehört natürlich auf MacCoach……

The Eclectic Light Company

Like many other features in macOS, its versioning system can be invaluable to users. Most apps now support it, and I think that I have used it more to recover lost content from my documents than I have Time Machine.

As I have pointed out, it is marred by some serious shortcomings. Versions cannot be transferred to copies or duplicates of documents, and they seldom transfer when you move documents between different Macs, for example using iCloud Drive. So you can’t rely on the versioning system to deliver old versions when you need them.

More accurately, you couldn’t rely on it. With this new release of Revisionist, you can.

I have added new features which allow you to perform ‚deep‘ copying of a document so that the copy retains all the versions of the original, and a version archiving system which allows you to move versions over iCloud…

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