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Wie lächerlich und weltfremd ist der, der sich über irgend etwas wundert, das im Leben vorkommt.
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Paul McCartney plays secret gig at old Liverpool club where Beatles first cut their chops — Consequence of Sound


Paul McCartney returned to The Beatles’ early stomping grounds for an intimate surprise concert today (July 26th). The music legend traveled to Liverpool to play at Cavern Club, a small space where the Fab Four were believed to have performed almost 300 times in the 1960s during the start of the Beatlemania craze. Tickets were…

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Leadership: Mensch-zu-Mensch-Interaktion (Teil 1) — FUTABILITY®

Im Rahmen unseres Arbeitgeber-Signets top4women interviewe ich jährlich eine große Anzahl von Fach- und Führungspersonen (sowohl Frauen als auch Männer) und befrage sie zu ihrer Zufriedenheit im Unternehmen generell, aber auch mit der Führung und der Kommunikation innerhalb des Unternehmens. Der Bereich Mitarbeiterkommunikation wird dabei zu einem immer größeren Problem – egal, in welchem Unternehmen […]

über Leadership: Mensch-zu-Mensch-Interaktion (Teil 1) — FUTABILITY®

July 28, 1914 Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Today in History

In 1869, Germany had yet to come into its own as an independent nation. Forty-five years later, she was one of the Great Powers, of Europe.

Great Powers, 1914

Alarmed by the aggressive growth of her historic adversary, the French government had by that time increased compulsory military service from two years to three, in an effort to offset the advantage conferred by a German population of some 70 million, contrasted with a French population of 40 million.

Joseph Caillaux was a left wing politician, once Prime Minister of France and, by 1913, a cabinet minister under the more conservative administration of French President Raymond Poincare.

Never too discreet with his personal conduct, Caillaux paraded through public life with a succession of women, who were not Mrs Caillaux. One of them was Henriette Raynouard.  By 1911, Madame Raynouard had become the second Mrs Caillaux.

A relative pacifist, many on the French right considered…

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